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For my Internship I constructed many lesson plans that highlighted different aspects and topics of U.S. History.  Specifically for the TPA process I was able to write all of my own material and created several activities that highlight my ability to engage students in content and help them develop their academic ability.  The lesson plan that I’ve provided is one of the lessons that I submitted to Pearson for review as well as my reflection on student work for the daily activities.  I’ve also included the three student work samples and the documents that were missing from the TPA submission.

TPA Lesson 2

TPA Assessment Commentary

Student Work Sample 1

Student Work Sample 2

Student Work Sample 3

24.1 The Movement Begins (Part One)

24.1 The Movement Begins (Part One) Teacher Notes

Lesson 2 Learning Objective

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This is a lesson plan I constructed for EDU 6160.  The main learning activity is reconstructing maps of the area around Gettyburg, Pennsylvania for a deeper understanding of the battle that took place there.  It also contains a description and discussion of the formative and summative assessments that I included in the lesson.

EDU 6160- Lesson Plan

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These are my the Lesson Plan and Presentation that I created for EDU 6150, as well as two commentaries about the lesson that I completed for the class.  Their focus is differing interpretaions of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and analyzing differing accounts for accuracy in historical research.

EDU 6150- Final Lesson Plan

EDU 6150- Final Presentation

EDU 6150- Final Lesson Plan Commentary 2

EDU 6150- Final Lesson Plan Commentary

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This is a lesson plan that I constructed for EDU 6150.  It explores the origins of World War II in an interesting and engaging way.

EDU 6150- Midterm Lesson Plan

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This is my Classroom and Student Characteristics form and my Lesson Plan Rationale that I constructed for my project for EDU 6133.  They show both my reasoning for the appropriateness of the lesson plan and my ability to plan for the needs of students in my classroom.

EDU 6133 Classroom and Student Characteristics

EDU 6133- Lesson Plan Rationale

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EDU 6133- Diversity in America

Lesson Plan- The African American Experience Prior to the Civil War

Grade 9 EALR 5.  Social Studies Skills – The student understands and applies reasoning skills to conduct research, deliberate, form, and evaluate positions through the processes of reading, writing, and communicating.

GLE (component) 5.1 – Uses critical reasoning skills to analyze and evaluate positions.

I used evidence from a chapter in After the Fact: The Art of Historical Detection by James West Davidson and Mark Hamilton Lytle to address the conditions of African Americans in America during slavery and just after the Civil War in my lesson plan.  My lesson plan includes a testimony about the conditions of slavery that is contrary to popular understanding.  This is to bring out the environmental effects and conditions that will affect a testimony’s validity and objectivity.  The discussion about this testimony and others will lead to a period of direct instruction were the conditions of slavery and its effect on human beings will be established.

EDU 6133- Presentation

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